Smart Snacks

Whole Grain Done Right,
Whole Grain Done Light

whole grain rich

To be called Whole Grain Rich the product must exceed 51% whole grain. At Dessert Innovations, we pride ourselves, that whenever possible we make products that are 100% whole grain. Our proprietary mix of white whole wheat flour produces a light tasty version of whole grain that gives our customers a nutritious product without the negative flavor profile of other whole grain baked goods.

low fat, calories & sodium

All our Smart Snacks are less than 160 calories with the USDA recommended levels of fats and sugar making them just right for any age kid or adult. Additionally, our sodium levels are among the lowest in the industry.

natural flavors & colors

Our commitment to healthy products has led us to remove all artificial flavors and colors. In many cases this will cost us more, but we will stay focused on natural colors and flavors for our School Approved products.

peanut free

At no time have we produced a product containing peanut products. Our plant and all its equipment is free from peanuts and any residue from past use of peanuts. Peanut allergy sufferers can rest assured that our products will bring no harm.


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