Dessert Innovations® is a manufacturer capable of baking, slicing and decorating anything from cakes, pies, and muffins to pudding parfaits and ice cream desserts. We are a major co-packer with over twenty years of serving the grocery industry in the South East Region as well as food clubs, food service and large industrial users.

Our managing partner, Rolf Schittli, has extensive experience in our industry. Rolf was trained in Switzerland in fine baking, candy confection and pastry production. He has served as Executive Pastry Chef on the Cunard Cruise Line and several four star hotels, including the Ritz-Carlton. His skills as a food scientist and Confectioner enable us to make innovative dessert products, as well as the finest classic truffles. His recent developments have defied the customers perception that whole wheat products are not palatable.  Our proprietary formulas have produced whole grain products that are universally proclaimed as a tasty treat!



Dessert Innovations® has its roots in the Confectionary Industry having begun as a manufacturer of fine Swiss truffles and Confections under the name of Monchelle Lamoure in 1985. Seeking a broader audience, but maintaining the same product line, the name was changed to Classic Confections in 1991.

One of the specialty confections made by Classic Confections is our molded shell chocolates. These are used by chefs who fill them with their favorite mousse or ice cream. They are usually plated with a coordinating dessert sauce. Providing a finished version of this dessert was the impetus for founding Dessert Innovations® in 1993. Classic Confections now operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Dessert Innovations®.

Our first product was a molded ice cream dessert called White Chocolate Mousse. It had a molded chocolate exterior, filled with white chocolate ice cream and a layer of raspberry sauce all sitting on a layer of white chocolate chips. From these beginnings we made ice cream cakes, pre sliced for portion control and various other individual dessert concoctions under the name of Cool Desserts®.

Along the way we needed to bake layer cakes for our petit fours and other projects. This led to us becoming a full scale baker, co-packing cupcakes for the largest icing manufacturer in the world.

Building on that platform and desiring to create a line of healthy products, we developed 100% Whole Grain muffins and brownies that are individually wrapped. We introduced the line to the School systems of Georgia in the spring of 2008. This has become our primary product line sold under the names Cool Brownies®, Cool Muffins® and Cool Cupcakes® with distribution rapidly moving from the Southeast to the West Coast.

Some of our products:

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Subsidiary of Dessert Innovations:

Classic Confections