Desserts / Bakery

Yummy Desserts custom made for Grocery Chains to enhance their product offerings.

Iced Cupcakes


Un-Iced Cupcakes

Petit Fours

5 Inch Base Iced Cake

Cream Cheese Bistro 2 Layer Cake

Raspberry Explosion 2 Layer Cake

Chocolate Explosion 2 Layer Cake

Uniced 5 Inch Layer Cake


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Classic Confections is the historical predecessor of Dessert Innovations. Dessert Innovations began as a manufacturer of Swiss Truffles in 1986, serving the hotel, banquet and airline industry. Our knowledge of chocolate and chocolate processing has helped us make the beloved Cool Brownies, Chocolate Burst muffins and other chocolate based products. We’re still making chocolate truffles today. Check out our products at Classic