Dessert Innovations® is an industrial dessert manufacturer, serving the needs of schools, the military, healthcare, supermarkets, wholesale clubs, convenience stores and food service locations. Click here to read more about us.


Our Featured Brands



Cool Muffins® are Whole Grain Rich and are designated by the Whole Grain Council as offering one (bread) serving (14.75g) or more of Whole Grain.
Our Blueberry, Apple and Banana Muffins provide a One ounce equivalent with 16+grams of grain!

Try all our delicious flavors:

Applemuff Blueberrymuff Cinnamuff
Apple Blueberry CinnaMuffin
Bananamuff Chocomuff Cornmuff
Banana Chocolate Burst Corn
*51% Whole Grain
  • Special Whole Wheat flour that’s light and tasty
  • Muffins that satisfy the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Competitive School Guidelines
  • Low in fat, calories, sugar and sodium
  • All with 2g dietary fiber
  • Individually wrapped and ready to serve



Cool Brownies® are 100% Whole Grain with (8g) of Whole Grain which is designated as “whole grain rich” by the USDA and more than “one-half bread serving.”

Goldeditionbrownie ButterScotch
Cool Brownie Gold Edition Cool Brownie Butterscotch Blondie


  • Brownies that satisfy the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Competitive School Guidelines
  • Rich in whole grain with natural Vitamin A
  • Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols
  • 2g dietary fiber
  • No trans fat
  • Individually wrapped
  • The ala carte sales leader for schools that need additional funds!



Cool Cupcakes® are Whole Grain Rich (51%) with trans fat free icing.

  • Chocolate or white cupcakes with TransfreeTM icing.
  • A tasty treat made with “Good for you Whole Grain”
  • 24 count bulk pack ready for classroom or party!




In-Store Bakery/Deli

The current product line for In- Store Bakery/Deli includes un-iced 5″ layer cakes, iced 5″ double layer cakes and Petit Fours ready for store decoration, with our core business being iced and un-iced cupcakes. New and ready for introduction is our Fruitty Bites – Orange Delight!



We have been a co packer for one of the largest food ingredient suppliers in the world for over ten years. Our production capacities allow us to provide truckload quantities of several different items in the dessert or baked goods category.


Cool Desserts®

This brand category is idle but ready for start up with layered parfaits or similar products.



Cool Products

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