Dessert Innovations

25-B Enterprise Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30336-2131
Phone: 404.691.5000
Toll Free: (1)800.359.7351
Fax: 404.691.5001

Dessert Innovations -National Sales Manager
- Bob Lunde, 615.975.4175


Alabama Schools  Acosta Sales & Marketing  Chuck Russell  205-999-8074
Florida Schools  Acosta Sales & Marketing   Ken Woodburn  407- 296-2911
Georgia Schools  Acosta Sales & Marketing Ken Woodburn 407-296-2911
Indiana  Coming Soon!
Kentucky Schools  Acosta Sales & Marketing Ken Woodburn 407-296-2911
Mississippi Schools  Acosta Sales & Marketing Jim Buck 601-668-3417
Missouri Schools Acosta Sales & Marketing Blake Hoover 314-578-7193
North Carolina & South Carolina Schools Acosta Sales & Marketing  Ken Woodburn 407-296-3911
Ohio  Coming Soon!
Tennessee Schools Acosta Sales and Marketing
East Tennessee Paula Taylor 865-599-9043
West Tennessee  Krista Crabtree 901-827-8789
Texas Schools  Acosta Sales & Marketing  Kevin Horn  214-695-3547
Oklahoma Schools  Acosta Sales & Marketing  Tiffany Bruner 405-437-7515
Virginia Schools  Autry & Associates   Larry Autry 800-503.0986
Idaho, Oregon, Utah , Washington  Dan Grout 800-574-3663
Other States “Coming Soon”


Retail and In-Store Bakery Products

Worley Consumer Brands -Al Worley – 843-460-7248


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