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Sunglasses For Men

No pair of sunglasses has grown more popular in recent years than pilot shades which were created by Ray Ban in the 1930′s. En route, wear a fly pair of driving loafers to give yourself another shoe option, cop a fly pair of aviators (like the Outdoorsman 2 Rainbow from Ray Ban /USA/ ) and don’t forget your iPod and you are set for an AMAZING staycation.

First, I recommend checking flea markets and thrift stores – they buy ray ban frames frequently sell old frames (usually without lenses) that you can either fix up with prescription lenses or leave lens-less. As a side note, if you’re looking for unique lenses for prescription glasses, flea markets make for an excellent resource – you pay next to nothing for them and can find some truly unique pieces. I should have kept my big glasses that I wore for years after the current fashion became smaller. I couldn’t believe the glasses salesguy insisting that these frames were actually in vogue right now. A text message will bring a Mexico City dealer to the customer’s doorstep with a menu of high-end buds for sale at the swipe of a credit card through a lente ray ban 3379 smartphone reader.

Jupiter shades reduce the ear hooks to the absolute minimum, making the ray ban rb 2140 asian fit temples ray ban 3364 describe a dual M-arch – more symmetrical than the Wayfarer – and present distinct trapezoid orbitals that favor more curvature than the classic original. ray ban wayfarer gradient sunglasses

Possibly the most popular type of aviators sunglasses must be the silver mirrored lenses as worn by the US police and seen in the cult TV series C.H.I.P’s and classic 80′s films like Top Gun. The Ray-Ban Aviators now have all kinds of lens colours, including peach, pink, green, blue and sepia. Various other players have entered the Aviators market and have come out with their own version of the sunglasses. Available in four colours, these pair of modern Aviators is made for ray ban jackie ohh polarized uk vintage, yet modern look lovers. By the time of World War II, a little company called Ray Ban began producing anti-glare sunglasses for pilots. Keep some of these trends in mind – Ray Ban Wayfarers (or the thousands of knock-offs), Round and Retro, or Aviators.

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